This is a collection of various photos and albums taken during Summer. Over a period of 2 months I shot, developed, and processed photos in regions of Indianapolis and Northern-Indiana.
Varies Project-to-project
Tools Used:
Nikon F100 Camera, Ilford HP5 400 B&W Film
- Improved my abilities in framing photos and creating contrast 'in the frame'
-Developed multiple photo projects based around artist-styles, design principles, and the local environment
- Shot, developed, and processed physical black & white through traditional, non-digital processes.
Photo-Film Negatives:
All of the film negatives shot during the 2-month time period.
'Harmony Sounds' Photo Series:
Series of photographs taken across Carmel, IN - capturing the sense of harmony, elegance, and balance of music. The overall focus of the series presents music as a visual form not simply of sound. The shapes and relationships each form brings presents a new still-life quality.  Band pictured is 'Big Bad Voodoo Daddy'.
'Lafayette' Photo Series:
Series of photographs taken across West Lafayette, IN - capturing the unsightly or overlooked facets of a city in relation to self, space, and contrast. The style of photography is based on that of Daido Moriyama, emphasizing high contrast, grainy texture, and subject.
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