'Ogre of Rashamon' is an 8-page digital retelling of the classic fable by 'Yei Theodora Ozaki' aimed to bring a 100 year old fable to modern audiences!  Pushing a forgotten tale onto a digital marketplace adaptive to multiple screen-layouts.
Scary-story inspired children.
Tools Used:
 Illustrator, InDesign, ePub.
- Analyze current trends in e-book and publishing industries to determine market audience.
-Develop an illustrative style faithful to the original cultures and fable, while adding a modern and personal flair.
- Publish a kindle e-book onto the Amazon Marketplace.
Inspired by the elaborate imagery of feudal Japan, this E-book conversion of a traditional fable brings a story to new audiences. An 8-page conversion of the fable ‘The Ogre of Rashamon’ was developed for Kindle, including detailed illustrations and a reorganized format. With the dramatic cover, I captured the intense, mysterious and fierce gaze of the Ogre, as described in the fable. With all of the illustrations,  I looked towards traditional Japanese silkscreen & calligraphy - but worked to bring a modern, digital touch to emphasize the medium they are presented in. Blending the classical with the modern in every way was the emphasis of this E-book.
With the cover, I captured the intimidating, dramatic tone of the story through the depiction of the ogre (Oni) lurching out of the smoke. A shade-based color scheme adds to the consistency of the tone as well as the illustrations, particularly when paired with the stylized swirling clouds. Each of the individual illustrations correlate with a specific scene in the story, & accompany the text. 
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