'Old World Waffle Company' is a food truck concept aimed to deliver the flavors of Belgium to you!  Pushing a often-unrecognized dish to a new environment, while blending traditional visual and modern techniques.
Families (focus on tourist or event crowds).
Tools Used:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Twitter Analytics.
- Develop a brand identity and concept for a food truck company inspired by Belgian history & architecture. 
- Designed logo, menu, promotional materials, truck wrap and uniforms from ground-up. Implement a blend of 'Traditional flavors meet fast-casual identity'.
Proposed and developed an entirely new brand and its content for a proof-of-concept food truck, Old World Waffle Company. I developed a truck wrap, full menu, logo, and promotional materials for the identity. Through these developments, I blended the traditional visuals of Belgium with the fast-casual identity associated with waffles to create a cohesive brand. 
With the logo design, I wanted to blend together the crossed pattern created by the waffle's form with the traditional 'globe' look found in a traditional globe-trotting setting. Keeping a sense of worldliness to the overall brand helps to create a traditional meets modern feel.
Developing collateral material, menus, and uniforms all came to a head in representing the brand. Leaning onto the traditional, old-world styles of the 19th centuries while allowing room for exploration into newer design standards.
With a mock-up of their social media presence, in this case Twitter; I wanted to highlight the overall tone in the consumer/business dialogue. Keeping a professional and authoritative tone helps to set them as a leader in their field while the personal touches help keep things consumer-friendly and open.
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